The Founder's Memorial Marks "Earth Hour" 2019

earth-5ca33d04219b5.JPG (Gallery Image)

earth-5ca33d04219b5.JPG (Gallery Image)

In line with its social responsibility ,and to promote awareness regarding progress and sustainability, The Founders Memorial participated in  the  “Earth Hour” event  on the 30th of March 2019 evening; coinciding with the global “Earth Hour” event, is one of the key largest events  marked worldwide  by switching off lights and unnecessary appliances for one hour.

The Memorial’ through participation in this international initiative aims to promote the culture of sustainability established by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a leading figures who called for the preservation and growth of the environment. His deep insight in the environmental field transformed the UAE into a  pioneer in protecting the environment and the sustainability of its natural resources.

As the Memorial provides elements that are closely related to the founder's love for  nature and the environment; and that provide insight into the nations founder's vision and love of nature, and deep commitment to nurturing the local flora and fauna, the landscape of The Founder’s Memorial features plants and shrubbery indigenous to the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula. Groves of Ghaf and Sidr trees provide moments of pause under their cool shade, while Nakhl (Date Palm), Fitnesh (Sweet Acacia), and Samr are scattered across the site. As it allows future generations and the masses of visitors to communicate deeply and learn more about the beacon of the nation Sheikh Zayed, and his vision that continues to guide the path of progress and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates towards the preservation and sustainability of the natural environment.

On this occasion, the Memorial added  a special segment to the  guided tours ,  led by cultural tour specialists which are offered to a range of multinational visitors , through which they highlighted the  efforts of the founding father and his concept of protecting the environment, that stems from his stern belief  in the need to combine development, construction and environmental preservation. as he deemed the environment as one of the most valuable possession which we must preserve for

H.E Yousef Al Obaidli, Director General of TFM on this occasion stated that: “the UAE is one of the leading countries in promoting sustainability and environment preservation and the late founder of the nation was one of the most prominent international figures that supported all environmental causes and efforts.

TFMs s participation in the “Earth Hour” campaign derives from its firm commitment towards its social responsibility, as well as to support the national efforts that strive to achieve comprehensive development in the UAE. Particularly, Also, this participation contributes to raising environmental awareness amongst society, in accordance with the leadership’s keen concern towards the future of the coming generations.”H.E Al Obaidli also added.