Things to do at The Founder’s Memorial

From public art and multimedia content to public exhibitions and native plants, there is a lot to experience at The Founder’s Memorial

In keeping with Sheikh Zayed’s love of nature, and commitment to the preservation of local flora and fauna, the memorial is planted with many plants and trees indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula.

In the Heritage Garden, you will discover a range of local plants known in the UAE for their traditional uses, including Desert Cotton, Henna, Suwac (Toothbrush Tree), Carraluma and Harmal.

Ghaf and Sidr trees provide moments of reflection under their cool shade throughout the Sanctuary Garden, which encircles The Constellation Pavilion. Across the memorial site, you will find a variety of other tree species including Nakhl (Date Palm), Fitneh (Sweet Acacia), and Samr (Umbrella Thorn Acacia).

Near the Sanctuary Garden, you will find a water feature inspired by the ancient falaj irrigation system used by the people of the Arabian Peninsula and further developed by Sheikh Zayed.

An elevated walkway encircles the site, offering captivating views of the artwork and the Abu Dhabi skyline. The path is punctuated with visionary quotes by Sheikh Zayed, offering a space for quiet contemplation of his wisdom.


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Visitor’s Guide

The Founder’s Memorial is free to the public and open daily. from 9.00am to 10.00pm. Free visitor parking is available at the site and accessible from 18th street.

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Learn more about Sheikh Zayed’s vast influence on the UAE and the world through a tour around The Founder’s Memorial led by one of our Cultural Tour Guides. 

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The Constellation

The centrepiece of The Founder’s Memorial is The Constellation, a monumental public artwork featuring a dynamic three-dimensional portrait of Sheikh Zayed.

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