'The Founder’s Memorial' marked the forty-seventh national day of the UAE, with participation of a wide range of visitors from all cultures, further highlighting the ongoing impact of Sheikh Zayed's rich legacy, and reflecting the foresight, wisdom, ideology which he imparted to the people of UAE, and linking future generations to the memory of the leader who laid the foundations of the nation.

The celebration at the Memorial entailed a wide range of activities that attracted a large number of multinational visitors from different cultures, allowing both nationals and residents who live in harmony on this blessed land to participate in this special occasion.

The vast majority of visitors also admired the creative visual artistic work showcased at the Memorial; by one of the visual artists who shaped a silhouette of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan using wool yarns, as it allowed visitors to recall the noble humanistic values ​​he embodied ,and served as photo stop where visitors could take great pictures with the spectacular view of the artwork "The Constellation"   in the background to published on their social media accounts.

Visitors also enjoyed the traditional Ayyala dance performance, which is one of the Emirati traditional folk arts, and were offered the opportunity to join the special tours offered by the memorial on this occasion, led by Emirati cultural tour guides in both Arabic and English. These specially tailored tours, allowed visitors to gain insight into the life and legacy, and embark on an immersive journey of discovery, and experience a series of uniquely personal encounters with Sheikh Zayed, the man and the leader, exploring his life and legacy, the principles and causes he championed, and the various facets of his visionary leadership.

It's worth mentioning that The "Founder’s Memorial"  that was established as a permanent national tribute dedicated to commemorating the life, legacy and values of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, was able to consolidate its status in a relatively very short period  as beacon of light for future generations, with the aim of introducing them to the legacy of the country’s founder and the creator of its civilization and development, as well as to represent a historic connection between the eras and generations, which have witnessed the establishment of the Union.