The founder’s memorial mirrors the notion of tolerance established by the late founder of the nation.

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The Founder’s Memorial, one of UAE’s prominent national landmarks that enriches the cultural landscape, and commemorate the life, legacy and values of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, marked the “International Day for Tolerance”, that falls on November 16thby offering special guided tours that  highlighted the founders wise vision and leadership approach that established a nation based on a firm set of noble values ,and promoted the notion of tolerance and respect of the other, which has become one the UAE ‘s a beacon of  tolerance  peace, coexistence.

On this occasion H.E Yousef Al Obaidli, Director-General of the Founder’s Memorial stated: “The nation’s late founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, established the UAE on a solid foundation of values that consolidate notions of respect, moderation, and tolerance, which have gained it the respect and admiration of both the regional and international community, and till today the nation’s wise leadership continues to adopt and follow his legacy and when contemplating on his vast array of achievements, endless giving, magnanimity, and wise vision we reveal the approach he set for the nation’s youth, and the set of noble values that strengthen the bonds within the community and ensure its solidarity, stability, and progress through maintaining moderate and balanced channels of cross-cultural communication with all” 

“The Memorial vigorously strives to highlight the notion of tolerance within the community and brief it visitors from all around the world about the late founder’s rich values and wise vision by dedicating special cultural tours led by Emirati Cultural Tour Specialist who reflect a bright image of the nation and proudly represent the people of UAE”, His excellency also added.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE is home for more than 200 nationalities representing a wide range of religions, sects, beliefs, and cultures, and strives to build a cohesive society and strengthen its position as a role model in rejecting all forms of extremism and discrimination among people, through playing a pivotal role in establishing notions of moderation and promoting interfaith dialogue at national and international levels across leading platforms and channels.